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This Earth Day, Check Out The Internet’s Cutest Nature-Inspired Baby Gear

Poor Earth Day. It’s the unsung hero of American Spring holidays. There’s no cool animal mascot, no 3-day weekend… just some bland suggestion that we ought to go outside and do something nice for Mother Earth.

But as mothers ourselves, we’ll be lucky to grab half an hour to sit outside while our little ones nap. So if you’re yearning for something to do to mark the occasion of Earth Day, consider a little online shopping (we know, it’s one of our favorite hobbies too!) to get your little cutie some nature-inspired swag. Here are a few of our favorites.

caterpillar baby outfit
Rainbow Caterpillar Crochet Costume (2pc-set)

Talk about cute as a bug in a rug! This sweet little crochet 2-piece will have you crooning over your little cocoon.
Great colors, and perfect for a photo-op. Also makes a great baby shower gift!


view larger picture“Jakka the Giraffe” Little Expeditions Plush Rattle Lovie with Crinkle Leaf

A loveable, huggable plush giraffe. What baby could want more? A sweet little stuffed animal to love.

Kids love animals. And who doesn’t love giraffes? They’re tall, they have cool-looking tongues… what’s not to love?


Nuk bottlesNUK® Bottles with Perfect Fit™ Nipples and Pacifier Gift Starter Set, Ducks

What a fun bottle and binky set! Great nature-inspired colors, from a tried and true brand. This variety pack is a great start for any mama.

Also a great baby shower gift idea, especially if the baby’s gender is unknown.


your name booksI Can Change The World Personalized Book

These are seriously cool. You can order these books and have them personalized with the child’s name. So little Olivia gets to hear a cool story book all about Olivia, while little Asher gets to hear about Asher.

Your kid is the hero, and what could possibly be cooler than that? Especially when hero kid pursues such awesome feats as being kind and loving the Earth.







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