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Babies Can Celebrate World Penguin Day Too!

penguinsCan I have your attention please? Today, April 25, is World Penguin Day! Not to be confused with Penguin Awareness Day, which is always on January 20. Who knew there was so much penguin love out there? Not that we’re complaining!

So, in observance of this quirky, awkward and adorable holiday, here’s the list of the 13 best Penguin-themed items for baby – and mom!

Stuffed Penguin – Plush Animal

This might just be the cutest little penguin on the internet! It doesn’t have any beads or buttons that can fall off and become a choking hazard. It’s the perfect plush animal for babies and toddlers!

At 5 inches tall, it’s a great size for children – it fits well into tiny hands honing their fine motor skills. Moms will love the size too – it fits nicely into a toy chest and is easy to bring along in a diaper bag. It’s easy to clean too!

The Baby Aspen Wash & Waddle Penguin Hooded Spa Robe

Oh. My. Goodness. Bath time has never been this adorable. Made of 100% washable and oh-so-soft terrycloth. Your little penguin will love the soft feel and you will love the photo ops.


Penguin Racetrack

This one is so cool! Adorable little penguins climb the stairs then slide down the ice slide! You and your kids will love watching them waddle up then glide down the slope. This one is for kids who are a little older.

Penguin Bath Toys

Banish bath time boredom with these soft and colorful penguin characters! Squeeze and squirt water and make bath time fun again. Your little one will strengthen their hand muscles and develop their imagination with these adorable little penguin toys.

Penguin Onesie

Consider this… your little one is already adorable. If they’re mobile, they’re probably a little waddly. So why not just take it the rest of the way and dress them in this adorable little penguin onesie?

Penguin Play Mat

Your little one will just love this adorable penguin play mat. Super comfortable material. Generous padding makes this mat perfect for tummy time, diaper changes or naps. It’s gender neutral, and oh-so-easy to set up. And best of all, it’s machine washable.


Baby Penguin Infant Pacifier

Say hello to the original pacifier/plush animal combination. You’ll love the durable one-piece construction, which is both functional and easy for baby to grasp. This cute little penguin is latex free, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. Recommended for newborns through six months.

Musical Penguin Toy

A singing, dancing, educational penguin toy? Yes please!

This little cutie was originally selling for $99.99, but is steeply discounted at the moment. Great for babies to watch and learn.

Cutest Little Baby on Board Penguin Car Sign

Announce that your baby is on board in style! This cute sign comes ready to display. The gloss laminate finish gives it extra rigidity. Simple, instant attachment to any window or smooth surface.


Penguin Stress Toy

This one is especially for the mamas who have to return to the office way too soon after birthing our little ones. When you simply can’t take another hour-long meeting that accomplishes literally nothing, or another well-intentioned colleague asking whether the baby is sleeping through the night. This little guy sits nicely on your desk, and is 3.5″ tall x 2.875″ wide x 2″ deep.

Penguin Mug

We mamas know that parenting is so rewarding, but also tough to do when we’re so exhausted! Enjoy your caffeinated beverage of choice in this adorable penguin mug, which is available in 2 sizes.


Penguin Corkscrew

OK mamas, this one is definitely for you, not baby! Sometimes, mama just needs a glass of wine, and that’s OK! Why not open that bottle up with the cutest wine opening corkscrew in the world? This will be a hit at parties, cookouts, and whenever you’re entertaining. You won’t be sorry.


Happy World Penguin Day! We hope these cool penguin finds have put a smile on your face.

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