Transitioning to a Bottle

Help! My maternity leave is almost over and my baby won’t take a bottle!

Breastfeeding comes with its own unique set of challenges. New moms who breastfeed their babies often experience even more anxiety about returning to work than moms who formula feed, because what if the baby won’t take a bottle?

We recommend you start trying to introduce pumped breastmilk in a plastic bottle at least 3 weeks before your scheduled return to work. Why a plastic bottle? If your baby is going to daycare, most facilities require plastic instead of glass for safety reasons.

If your baby isn’t taking the bottle you offered, and you don’t feel like dragging your infant all over creation to purchase one of every type of baby bottle under the sun, check out this awesome baby bottle variety pack. We researched and sourced these baby bottles because they are simply the best rated bottles on the market for breastfed babies. Now you can purchase this baby bottle variety pack from Amazon and it will come to your door!

If you know a new mom who is struggling to get her baby to take a bottle, consider making her life SO MUCH EASIER by sending one of these to her!

The brands included are Comotomo, Dr. Drown’s Evenflo, Mam and Nuby.

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