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How Not To Spray Your Baby in the Face with Breast Milk

fountain sprayingBreastfeeding mamas: We’ve all been there. You are holding your precious little nursling in your arms. Feeding them with milk you produced yourself, milk that is made with love. They give you a little smile. It’s such a sweet moment. Until your other breast has a let down and you spray your sweet little baby in the face with milk.

This was my life with my first child. Constantly cluster feeding, and soaking his little face with milk from my other side. And to make matters worse, I was constantly feeling insecure about my milk supply.  I knew the clock was ticking and I’d have to return to work… would I be able to pump enough milk for him while we were apart?

So there I was, upsetting my baby, and wasting perfectly good breast milk. Of course, once I (in my exhausted, sleep deprived state) caught on, I tried to catch the milk in whatever I could grab quickly. Sometimes a drinking glass, sometimes a bowl… and needless to say, this was not an ideal solution.

So when I was pregnant with baby #2, I did a little research, and decided to treat myself to these great manual suction Haakaa-style pumps. And let me tell you, wow. Instead of spraying my baby like an out-of-control fire hydrant, I actually save a few ounces of extra milk each day. It’s been an immense help in building my freezer stash! Baby is happy, and mama is too. I wish I had known about these with my first baby!

Here’s a great video that explains how to use them.

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